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Prescription Drug Provigil
Founder and CEO: Frank Baldino, Jr.
Founded: 1987
Headquarters: Frazer , PA
Cephalon is a biopharmaceutical company focused on the research and development of new drugs.

Many of these new drugs are aimed at pain control, sleep disorders, and leukemia relapse control. Cephalon has been growing steadily since is conception on 1987 to become a company taking in over one billion in revenues in 2004, that's just 17 years!

Cephalons highlight product is Provigil. The prescription drug Provigil is marketed as a ‘wake promoting agent' in other words it is designed to keep you awake. Cephalon markets the drug primarily for people suffering from narcolepsy and sleep apnea/hypopnea.

There has been a tone of controversy surrounding prescription drugs provigil. While the drug is meant for sleep disorders it is routinely prescribed for all sorts of ailments. In fact the prescription of provigil for depression treatment is quickly becoming a widespread phenomenon.

Perhaps the most shocking thing about the drug is the way it works.

The shocking part is nobody amongst the medical community or general public really knows how it works!

The medical community has the general information that is it binds to a few dopamine sites throughout the brain causing the brain to restrict its release of dopamine. However that is all we know. The researchers and brass at Cephalon have decided to keep the rest a secret.

In a time of scandals and deception, both in the medical and business world it is a shock to us that we have no real information regarding Provigil available to us.

Such question as does provigil interfere birth control, and should I prescribe provigil for depression treatment are really unknowns. As well as the above, the drug is outrageously priced, costing anywhere from $6.19-$8.55 per tablet or $600 to $850 per package.

In shady world of prescription drugs, Provigil is one to watch.


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