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The Quickstar Scam

Quixtar Canada Corporation
President: Doug Devos
Founded: 1999
Location: London , Ontario
Rumors have been circulating lately about the Quickstar scam.

The company called Quixtar was developed in 1999, by the former owners of Amway.

This alone should tell you what kind of company Quixtar may be. Amway was charged with reporting unrealistic income claims by the state of Wisconsin , and in 1983 was charged and pleaded guilty to charges in Canada of fraud and tax evasion.

These are just a few of the illegalities that surrounded Amway International. When their business failed due to fraudulent activities, Amway's owners developed Quixtar.

Quixtar sells the same products as Amway, and uses the same business practices.

They offer prospective clients the chance to become Independent Business Owners, or IBMs. That is people pay a registration fee to join up with Quixtar and then are given products to sell through their own online business.

Some of the controversy surrounding Quixtar, since it began it's life as Quixtar, is that most of it's IBMs are selling the products to themselves for their own personal consumption, and not necessarily to the general public, which is not surprising since the IBMs generate a point system for the products that they consume themselves, and are then rewarded on such.

Another Quckstar scam, or Quixtar scam involves the fact that Quixtar promises financial freedom to its members, but most of Quixtar's employees do not even make the national average of $47, 000. In fact, 1/3 of the people listed as working for Quixtar are listed as inactive, meaning that they are not making any sales at all.

Another quick point about Quixtar, the products that they are selling to the public and their own employees are selling for much cheaper prices anywhere on the internet.

The Final word is, Quixtar definitely qualifies as a scam, and if you are thinking of joining, maybe you should do some research on Amway, first. Please Be Careful.

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