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Sallie Ame

College students are probably known for one thing more than their college degree in its fancy frame hanging in their office.

It is their college debt, like a black hole in the back of their minds.

I think more than not, feel as if it is not real, something from their nightmares during finals that only belong in a space movie that sucks people to oblivion. Or else why would people not pay them back or take such a long time?

There is one little mystery about college, it is not expensive, not the least.

Even if you make it to a fancy ivy league school, you will find that everything is doable and nothing is impossible.

The government first offers grants to all based on their situation, this is free money.

Then you get subsidized loans and fixed low interest that is almost non existant and very trivial. Then there are non subsidized and all the market loans that you can acquire with a bank.

One such is the Salle Mae foundation also typed quite frequently as sallie ame or nasa ames . Interesting how people end up typing something so different from what it really is.

Well they are a foundation that offers loans, help and information for college students.

College students don't pay off their sallie ame loans because there is no rush, the interest is low and well, why pay it off quickly when you can have the money in your pocket today.

Americans are always in debt, we just need to learn how to manage that debt efficiently.

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