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Storage Units In Orlando Florida

One of the greatest problems with owning a business in the state of Florida is the weather.

Sure, it is easy to incorporate any business, it is easy to get almost anything done, plus with so much cheap labor.

But what about the weather, with 5-10 major hurricanes per year, you are likely to have down time of 10% of the year with insurance premiums through the roof.

If the storm is so powerful and manages to destroy an entire city, billions of dollars in assets, well then your insurance company will not cover all costs.

They will leave all to suffer and you to foot the bill.

The intention of insurance companies is to leave such a large portion so that the government must step in.

This helps the insurance company from foreclosing or loosing most of its profits and helps the citizens get what they need, hopefully.

So, what do you do and how do you avoid so much down time.

First, purchase storage units in Orlando Florida that are well outside the initial onslaught of a hurricane.

This will ensure safety of your inventory and quick clean up and a short down time.

Second, be prepared with back up generators and boards to protect the building from as much damage as possible.

Lastly, don't buy insurance from the same company as everyone else. Find a company that insures more on the west coast.

This way there will be fewer claims, quicker response and you will have better odds at recovering full damages.

But most importantly, protect your goods although insurance might cover them, to reorder, restock, and everything else you will have to do in the recovery, it will save you precious time and get you ahead of the competition.

The Business Review
The Business Review