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Swings Chairs

There is such a joy in swings chairs, whether it brings back those child hood memories of just the simple serene feeling of swining back and forth while focusing your eyes on the pale blue sky and wondering what is out there.

Throughout time, people often wonder why things are the way they are. People spend their entire lives delving through books, formulating theories all to explain human behaviour and existance.

The art of philosophy and physcology, dive into the histories and very thoughts of human kind, for what purpose?

What good comes out of their theories and concoctions?

Some things honestly point out the obvious and help people to see what is in front of them. But more than most, it appears that we are turned in circles to come to the same conclusion as before. People spend their lives in hiding and monks and priest to dedicate their lives to study and worship, for what end?

To learn of the world and they reason for life. Others try to find this purpose through world journeys, education, marriage, and more.

So many have tried to find this purpose and reason for life, but how many have found it? Or do they get lost in their quest and stop by the wayside to follow another path, altogether forgeting why they went down that path.

Yet as children and adults, no matter when, just by siting on your swings chairs and stairing at the heavens above to we seem to comprehend all. Nothing seems impossible and all is understandable.

The soft gentle breezes whisper in our ears of serenity and possibilities. So why do people go great lengths and exhausting journeys to solve this puzzle when it can be found within each of us so simply?

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