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The Sylvia Browne Scam

Sylvia Browne
Profession: Self-Proclaimed Psychic and Spiritual Teacher
Location: Campbell, California
Sylvia Browne, the self-proclaimed psychic, who has appeared on talk shows and late-night T.V. Is the epitome of the word scam.

She uses generalizations when giving “readings”, and is frequently wrong. When she is wrong, she tries to cover up her mistakes by picking different facts at random about a person until she hits on the right one.

One example of a Sylvia Browne scam is when she told a caller who was asking about whether issues with his mother would be resolved, and Sylvia responded by saying that his mother was no longer with us.

He replied by questioning if she meant that his mother was dead and she responded that yes, his mother was dead. The caller was flabbergasted.

Sylvia Browne charges $700 a session, and has been seen on Larry King and Montel Williams among other big-name talk shows.

Before you listen to the hype on T.V. or cough up the steep session fee, however, do some research on Sylvia Browne and the Sylvia Browne scam. This is the same woman who, during the Sago Coal Mine tragedy in West Virginia where 12 out of 13 of the miners died, she spoke to a radio station and predicted that they would be found alive.

When they were reported to be alive, she responded with sure knowledge. Then, when the miners were reported to be dead, with the exception of 1, she replied by saying that it didn't surprise her that they all had died, except maybe 1. Is this lady for real???

As a matter of fact I was able to find a bunch of her predictions for the next 100 years. Some are so outrageous that we had to list them.

1). Houses will be made from pressed paper with plastic coatings; interchangeable walls

2). The third floor of houses will have roll-back roofs to allow Hovercrafts to come and go

3). No more surgery with knives, some type of molecular ionization device that knows how to take out the afflicted cells then seal the wound without a single scar.

4). Babies will be birthed in water all the time, with lavender, music and incense

5). People will be able to simply walk out of their bodies upon death

6). Atlantis will be fully visible by 2026

7). Addictions will be a thing of the past because of a brain stimulation, which eradicates all addictions, with no side effects

8). No separate governments. One planetary government will form

9). Execution for the death penalty will be a complete vaporization of the body

10). Aliens will begin to show themselves in the year 2010, they will not harm us, they simply want to see what we are doing to this planet. They will teach us how to use anti-gravity devices again, such as they did for the pyramids.



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