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Telemarketing Fishing

Telemarketing is a sore in everyone's rear end.

It is that little black sheep of the USA that constantly calls you during the late hours of the night to con you into buying their product. Someone answers and says, Hello, my name is Shane Rudman, and you first ask what do you want?

The minute they say I would like to explain, or I have something new to help yell at them and hang up. It frustrates people and it is phone SPAM with very little ways to block it.

What will you do if someone calls and says you owe them money?

You need to be careful, because if you do owe money you better listen carefully and get all the information so as to avoid more scarring on your FICO score. But most of the calls regarding collections are for debt that does not even belong to you, they will find a debt owed by someone like Shane rudman, and the look in a phone book for anyone with that last name that lives in the same area.

Then call and try to collect on that debt illegally. This can be very dangerous and there are ways to protect against it. Monitor your credit so that you are informed to how much credit you owe and to whom.

If someone calls collecting a debt, then ask for their address and phone number. Then write the company to stop calling you, it is the law and they must obey your written letter.

If they threaten to take you to court, bask in the sun you just won the lottery. It is illegal to threaten someone with court hearings unless you are going to take them to court.

Be informed, stay on top of things, for it will lead to a peace of mind.


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