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Tennis Sun Glasses

Tennis is a sport worth watching. It is not like baseball where you wait an entire hour for one person to hit a ball and when they do, it gets caught!

Tennis is a fast paced sport where the athelets really show us what they can do. But when you go to watch a game, make sure you take sun block and tennis sun glasses. Or else you wont be watching another game for quite some time.

The light reflects off the floor and can sun burn your eyes, and that is a burn that takes a few days to go away.

Like most sports, you can not just expect to pick it up by taking a few lessons. Tennis is a sport that takes years of practice and massive amounts of stamina.

You do not sit in the outfield and wait for a lucky batter to hit a ball every so often, no you have to run sideways, back and forth hitting harder and harder. Until someone makes a mistake or looses their breath, then the point is lost and not easily recovered.

But unlike most sports, tennis does not include bloody noses, broken bones, or anything sexual [footbal cheerleaders and their skimpy clothes].

Tennis is a refined sport for refined people. Therefore, the glory is not as big, the publications are small, and everything is dwarfed in comparison to Football and similar sports.

Yet still, it is a Sport that truly shows talent and requires trained professionals and not just steroids. Just dont forget to take you tennis sun glasses.

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