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Texas Instruments 83

There is one coveted tool amoung students of High School and College, the texas instruments 83.

The texas instruments 83 will provide you with all the tools, entertainment and possibly other unknown benefits.

We shall discuss some of the benefits and reasons why you should buy a texas instruments 83 as soon as possible.

First, video games. You can purchase the texas instruments 83 cable link which will connect to your computer and download various games to your TI 83. This can help keep you awake during boring classes and meetings.It is a very useful feature that will make you carry it where ever you go.

Secondly, the TI 83 can hold notes. Now this is a feature that might infuriate teachers and get you caught for cheating, if you use it for such. But it can hold your notes and keep all the information in one spot.

Thirdly, the texas instruments 83 can do everything else you need it to do. From graphs, to finance calculations, algebra, trigonometry, calculus, statistics and more. The features are endless and so are the software upgrades that you can find online.

The texas instruments 83 is an instrument for every college student. It will either bring you intellegince or indolence, it all depends on how you go about using it. Will you use the formulas and power to enhance you math related skills. Or play games and use the notes to further your GPA, just dont get caught.

I would not recommend cheating with it, teachers are well aware of their capabilities and if they see you pressing too many key strokes they will accuse you of cheating and review your calculators history to see what you have read and typed.

So be careful when using the texas instruments 83.

The Business Review
The Business Review