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What is an online shopping cart?

Simple, it is an online shopping cart without the wheels. Most professional ecommerce sites will have online shopping carts.

They are like a list of the things you want.

So as you breeze through their website, you click add to cart, and that item and number is added to the online cart. Then, once you are through viewing their site you can click checkout and it will show you all the contents of the online shopping cart, taxes and shipping prices.

You then pay and those items are shipped to you.

If you are not technically savvy and truly do not want to shop online but also don't want to shop at the store, you have only a few choices, magazines or the shopping channel. Now, there are a few problems with this.

First and foremost, you are overpaying at least by double. Second, shipping charges should be free through these charges.

Lastly, you cannot even see the product. Sometimes the color is different, the material looks different in person than on the TV or magazine.

So basically, be careful.

Online you have the opportunity to shop around and get consumer reviews and see what others have bought, but through the shopping channel, you can get scammed big time. So next time you want to buy that shiny necklace on TV, remember it will look different and won't be of very good quality.

Go online or to the mall and save yourself the money.

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