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What is Ultima Online?

If you're like us you've probably heard of it but are not sure what it is. Well for thousands of gaming enthusiasts Ultima Online is the Mecca of online gaming.

Ultima is an ancient series in games online. They are based on the role-playing fantasy series. Made by the online gaming giant Origin Systems, Inc.

Ultima was first released in 1981 for the Atari and Apple computers. It caught on immediately and Ultima quickly responded to its fans by releasing sequels in 1982 and 1983.

The series continued with Ultima 4: Quest of the Avatar, Ultima 5: Warriors of Destiny, Ultima 6: The False Prophet in 85', 88', 90', consecutively.

With already thousands of gaming fans around the world chasing the craze Ultima decided to make a broad jump and offer its gaming experience online.

In 1997 Britannia was released. It exploded on to the online scene and was a sensation. We must remember that in 1997 there were very few online games. As a result free online shards Ultima held the corner in a great new niche.

Whenever there is hot new software there will be people trying to gain access for free. This sparked an online quest for generator key online Ultima. People would search online keys that would allow then to access the Ultima online server and play the games for free.

These generator key online Ultima keep surfacing today. As a result is estimated there are thousands of people online playing with duplicate or fake online keys.

Other then the online key generators there are also reverse engineered copies of the game that are available to play online. These free online shards ultimas are legal and available to play often at a reduced rate.

Ultima's popularity shows no sign of easing as a new generation of online gamers are immersing themselves in new players and worlds. As a result Ultima will remain one of the most popular online games for many years to come.

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