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The University of Phoenix was founded back in 1976, by John Sperling.

It was founded on the concept that many people have a desire and need to complete courses and schooling while working.

Many people did not have the luxury of quitting their jobs and attending an educational institution full time. As a result many people were confined to completing courses in their spare time and often traveling long distances in order to attend the educational institution in which they were enrolled.

In1976, with a Cambridge education, John Sperling saw an opportunity. This was the opportunity to provide the working person universal access to post secondary education.

The University of Phoenix and the University of Phoenix online library was the result of this endeavor.

Now in 2006, after much success the University of Phoenix and the University of Phoenix online library has grown to offer quite a number of degree programs.

These programs include undergraduate degrees in Business, Management, and Human Resources. They also offer a number of graduate degrees including Master of Arts (MA), Master of Business Administration, Mater of Science (MSc) and numerous Doctoral programs (PhD).

Online universities such as the University of Phoenix online library are quickly becoming the norm for anyone who is working while trying to peruse an education. It must also be noted that the mainstream universities are slowly recognizing many of these online institutions as reputable and professional.

The only drawback to online universities such as the University of Phoenix is that they are frequently as expensive or more expensive then many land based institutions.

However if you factor in the cost of traveling, residence, meals, etc the costs are quickly offset.

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