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Searching For Warren Kimble TV Trays

How many times have you been trying to search for something online and come up empty handed?

For example, you try and find an item such as warren kimble tv trays and you begin to click on the links. Product no longer exists, page your requested not found, or some other error notice.

I particular get fed up with the redirect link pages or domains that simple are another poor search engine portal.

Therefore you end running around in circles to you find a warren kimble tv trays to buy.

What are some possible solutions? Online monitors, more meta tag crawls per week, what can we do to solve this problem?

People are thriving off redirecting visitors to sites they are not trying to locate in an effort to make more money. These people are hurting the industry, and I hope it changes soon so that we can really search for things we need and no things we dont need.

There are some pointers to learn that will help you avoid endless searching. They are specific tags within search engines that help define your search even more.

For example, if you are looking for an exact phrase like “warren kimble tv trays”, put it in quotations as shown here and this will search for the exact phrase only.

Generally if you just put warren kimble tv trays, the search engine will find any page with those words in any order. If you want to exact phrases that are not connected then do the following: “warren kimble tv trays” + “Target” and it will find the exact phrases within the same page.

I have noticed that this elminates around 50% of the useless pages that I am not looking for. There are many other tags also.

The Business Review
The Business Review