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There are very few moments when mothers and fathers get to lavish over their children by spending exorbitant amounts of money, can you guess when this occurs?

No, it is not moving out to college or away, even though sometimes they might, but it is for a wedding ceremony.

There is only one place to find everything you need for a wedding and get it quicker and cheaper than a wedding planner can, that is on wedding web sites.

If you don't have time to plan your own weddings, hiring a wedding planner is a very good idea.

However, I would suggest planning it yourself and saving yourself $10,000 at least. Wedding planners make commissions off everything and will not buy the cheapest things, because they are not incentivized to.

A wedding is a very precious time, you want to protect yourself from any accidents or delays that would forthgo the wedding or cause it to be not as memorable.

However, there is one problem, there is no wedding insurance, unfortunately.

Go online and find wedding web site, cakes, rental equipment, even dresses direct from the maker. You will have fun and save lots of money by planning your own websites.

Just remember to hire a good photographer and hire some expert chefs, those are two things to never forget when planning a wedding.

As a tip, buy your party gifts, dresses, rental equipment, and even gold plain wedding bands online at wedding web sites.

I would not suggest buying diamonds over the Internet unless it is direct form a trust dealer.

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