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Wholesale Diamonds

There is a time old tradition that has been run by the ruling class to generate billions of dollars, have you guessed it yet?

It is imported to the US , requires a large mining operation and strict controls, it is also primarily controlled by people of Jewish heritage?

Diamonds, diamonds are a dime a dozen. Many places around the world have mountains full of diamonds and slowly sell them.

This restriction of supply is the key to high prices on their Monopoly. Unlike the 49ers Gold Strike, you literally can go into a mine and pick up rough diamonds and have a jewel smith refine it into jewelry.

There are a few ways to avoid being ripped off by extremely high prices and long financing. First key, wholesale diamonds.

Wholesale diamonds can save you literally thousands of dollars. There are two things to look for quality and clarity, these are two distinct things which will make or break a diamond, or should I say double its value.

First, clarity, this is a rating based on imperfections within the diamond itself of other mineral deposits. Second, quality; how many cuts, angles, correctness, etc.

If a diamond is cut perfectly it will shine like a rainbow. Unfortunately people are sold poorly engineered design and low quality.

If you think you are getting a good deal, think again. If there is no certified sheet for each diamond, they are not worth buying unless they are a tenth of the price.

The last thing, every price listed is not the price it will sell for, they are like cars, hassle them down to a lower price.

The Business Review
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