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Window Shopping

Shopping online is fun and convenient, but what are you missing?

Have you heard about the recent Identity Theft scams and most of the information is taken through pfishing schemes and you wont realize that your information has been compromised until months later.

That is why if you are going to shop online, get protected and have your credit monitored. The few dollars will truly make a difference.

Yet, that is not all. If everything is automated and easy what will people do? No more walking around the mall with your girl friends and window shopping.

Are you a window shopper and what would you do without a mall? No more friendly face to face representatives to answer your questions quickly. How many people enjoy being on hold for half and hour or more?

We are all window shoppers at heart. We desire to see things before we buy them, maybe test them out. In the event that it is not what we wanted we can take it back to the store. No shipping, waiting, is meant to have certain things in front of us.

Things that we must do, if robots and computers do everything where will we be?

Do not just toss online shopping aside, just don't leave some of life's simplest joys go by.

When was the last time you took a bike ride, walk around the block, and then just admired the sky or had a friendly chat?

Window shopping is key to a business success and is one of those small pointless things we can do to enjoy life. What will we do if it becomes to expensive in the eyes of the corporate world.

The Business Review
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