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Wizetrade Scam

GlobalTec Solutions
President: George Thompson
Location: Addison , TX
Founded: 1999
Wizetrade is marketed as a tool in the 4X Made Easy system which ‘takes the guess work' out of day trading. The company Global Tech Solutions has a number of feature products which it sells. Among them are Wizefinder, Wizefeed and of course Wizetrade itself.

Wizetrade, also known as the Wisetrade scam and the 4X Made Easy system sell in the range of $4,000. Yes, you did read that correctly, a whopping $4,000.

The next question you must be asking yourself is why would someone spend $4,000 on software to learn a system that doesn't work? Well the answer is the folks marketing the 4X Made Easy system are very convincing.

There are workshops held all across America which are aimed at getting people in the door. Throughout the workshop Wizetrade and the 4X Made Easy system are praised for their success in helping the average person make that transition to successful stock market investor. Of course all the average person tends to focus on is the bottom line, which is how much money can be made.

The 4X Made Easy System system consists of a number of steps. First you are asked to complete their training system which consists of 6 DVD's. During this time you fill out sample trades and see how money you can make.

After the Training is completed you need to run the Program Wizetrade ($4000) plus you'll need a feed, which essentially brings all the stock information onto your computer ($150 per month).

Finally you need the 4X tracker which does what Wizetrade does not, that is analyze the stock information in order to present you with the best trades. There is no wonder thy Wizetrade has been labeled the Wisetrade scam.

We cannot even begin to tell you haw many complaints we have found on various internet sites and forums concerning the wisetrade scam.

We strongly recommend anyone interested in trading stocks or stock market investing to realize it takes time to learn any system. The stock market is one of the most complicated systems out there. If you're not willing to invest your time to learn it then you should not be willing to invest your hard earned money for a shortcut scam.



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